Turner’s Adult Swim network is promoting the second season of the series “Dream Corp LLC” with a 360-degree video of the comedy show’s characters speaking to viewers as if they’re part of the action. The virtual reality (VR) ads appear on Reddit, BET, Vice, Complex, IMDB, NBC and Snapchat, according to an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer. The VR ad for the series, in which zany dream therapists use technology to analyze the dreams of their patients, lets viewers experience a surreal 3D animation depicting dreams. Multicolored shapes morph around viewers as they explore with a web browser, smartphone or VR headset.

Turner’s 360-degree ad for “Dream Corp LLC” aims to engage audiences with the comedy series by providing an immersive point-of-view experience for viewers. In general, OmniVirt 360-degree VR ads see a 300% increase in click-through-rate (CTR) and 46% increase in video completion rate compared to 2D ads, per the press release, highlighting the success marketers can glean from investing in immersive features.

Turner is among the media brands that have added VR features to their promotional campaigns. Paramount Pictures in July launched an immersive ad campaign to promote the release of “Mission: Impossible — Fallout” with a three-minute video of star Tom Cruise performing stunts for the movie. Disney in June similarly showed off the Broadway musical “Aladdin” with an online VR ad that gave viewers a 360-degree view of a song performed in the show.

Immersive content, including 360-degree video, give users more control of what they experience when viewing an ad and learning about a brand. With last year’s rollout of new AR development kits from Apple, Google, Facebook and Snapchat, brands are increasingly adding the tech to their marketing mix to better engage consumers that are fatigued by traditional ads.


Article by Robert Williams from Mobile Marketer