MONTREAL (PRWEB) October 20, 2018

Felix & Paul Studios, the EMMY® Award-winning creator of immersive entertainment experiences, today announced the remaster of the Jurassic World: Blue virtual reality experience in 5K resolution for Oculus Go headsets.

The remastered version of the highly immersive Jurassic World: Blue experience leverages the studio’s new VR player for the Oculus Go headset that enables high resolution 5K video playback, combined with an innovative new hybrid projection technique for stereoscopic 360-degree video for which Felix & Paul Studios was recently awarded a Technology Lumiere Award by the Advanced Imaging Society.

“As the world’s only ‘full spectrum’ immersive entertainment studio, we are constantly striving to enhance our technology platform to ensure that our experiences deliver an unparalleled sense of presence and immersion for audiences worldwide,” said Sebastian Sylwan, Chief Technology Officer of Felix & Paul Studios. “We are excited to launch our new VR player that presents Jurassic World: Blue at the same 5K resolution of our masters, and thrilled that our new hybrid projection workflow delivers the type of results that truly makes virtual reality as seamless and realistic to viewers as possible.”

Felix & Paul Studios’ new VR player for Oculus Go allows the studio to present their immersive experiences on Oculus Go headsets in full 5K resolution. The player is based on open source code recently published by John Carmack, Oculus’ Chief Technology Officer, which enables a dynamic streaming solution. The studio’s first VR app to leverage its new VR player is Jurassic World: Blue, which is available now for download on Oculus Go headsets, presenting this amazing VR experience with better resolution than ever before.

The Advanced Imaging Society recently awarded Felix & Paul Studios with the Technology Lumiere Award for their introduction of hybrid projection for stereoscopic 360-degree live video. This advancement fixes the prior problem in live action VR experiences where a video shot in stereo is limited to monoscopic imagery at the zenith (top) and nadir (bottom) of the scene, a problem intrinsic with all stereoscopic videos. For their Jurassic World: Blue experience, the studio’s VR player allows the viewer to look up and down—truly seeing correct stereoscopic depth no matter where they look. This immerses the viewer in true 100% 3D, 360-degree virtual reality. Felix & Paul Studios is the only VR studio to enable this full effect with VR video.

About Felix & Paul Studios

Felix & Paul Studios is an EMMY® Award-winning immersive entertainment studio, creating virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences of the highest quality. The studio combines technological innovation with a unique, pioneering and in-depth approach to the new art of virtual reality storytelling—creating ground-breaking original cinematic experiences (MIYUBI, Nomads series, Strangers, The Confessional, Space Explorers) and collaborations with existing franchises (Jurassic World, Cirque du Soleil, Fox Searchlight’s Wild, Isle of Dogs) and world-renowned personalities and leaders (President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, LeBron James, President Bill Clinton).

The company is the world’s only full spectrum VR studio, showcasing end-to-end creative and technological know-how and proprietary tools within one company—including best-in-class spherical 3D camera systems, production and post-production software and processes, and specialized audio capture, design and processing through its Headspace Studio division.

With its headquarters in Montreal, Canada and offices in Los Angeles, CA, Felix & Paul Studios has a highly experienced team of 60 VR specialists and is backed by Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec, Comcast Ventures, Investment Quebec, OMERS Ventures, and the Phi Group.

Article by Cindy Philippe from Felix & Paul Studios